Thursday, 19 October 2017

Why I am Not Into Dance Competitions

Before you read this blog post, I am very proud of my friends when they get their medals at dancing. Most of the time they do deserve it, and at some point and I will see them in music videos or on the West End stage. And when they are on the West End stage I will be there buying a ticket to go and see them and support them. I put this first as some of the rest of the blog post might seem a bit like me moaning. That is just my opinion.

At the moment I'm not really into dance competitions, I'm not sure if it is the fact that last year I completely mucked up my bellet, and that I really wasn't confident on stage (not like the rest of my dance friends) or the fact that even if you think you have done well, you are really proud of yourself, you still get really bad marks and don't really get anything to show for it. Or the fact that it's always the same people that get first, or if you're a boy and didn't do that well you'll still probably be first because you're a boy and they try to encourage boys into dancing more.

The parents get way into it as well. Once I caught one of the mums shouting at the kid before he went on stage because he forgot one of his moves when he was practising. I don't mean a little shout, it was a big shout out, I felt really sorry for him. And did I mention it all happened just before he was about to go on stage to perform this dance. That is not a nice thing to do to the kid. It's absolutely horrible.
  I'm not sure what my mum is like when I'm at a dancing competitions, I know that she feels really nervous for me and when I get nervous she always says it's up to me if I want to go on stage still. She lets me pick out whichever dress I want for that solo and she always tells me don't worry what happens and that she'll always be proud of me. But she does say to me before I enter any competitions it's up to me how much work I put in. If I put in a lot of effort in I will do well, if I don't put in effort then I won't. She will not push me but she says I should not let my friends down (that's if I'm doing a group dance) and that if you're working in a group you work as a team, because otherwise you are only as bad as the worst person. I didn't have a clue what that meant first of all but after she explained it to me I got it, it means that if you are the worst person the whole group is the same level as you. If your friend is the worst person you are at there level as it's a group, so you work as a team. Don't moan if someone's got a bigger part that you, it just might mean that they are slightly better than you are at that part.

There is one main thing I like about competitions and that is getting my make up and hair done, choosing a very pretty dress and working hard on a dance to the point where it's at perfection, and you are doing the moves perfectly. 

 What I absolutely hate is away you go on stage and you get judged, you will get 1st, 2nd, 3rd or you just don't place. I love dancing for just dancing, not for someone to tell if I am any good at it. If I am then great, if I am not then I don't mind.

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Birthday Party

The other night I had one of my friend's birthday parties. Let's call her dancing S. As you know I don't use real names in my blogs. She turned nine years old and her mum hired out a room in the pub nearby only five minutes from my house and right opposite the school. And of course I got dressed up in a nice outfit. My mum was also invited as she is friends with dancing S's mum.

When we got there I saw a photo booth. I've got a few photos with my friends, there was also a garden out the back with trampolines, footballs and other fun outdoor things. I spent a lot of time out there. There were so many balloons as well and we all know how much I love balloons. She even had a Pinata but there was nowhere to hang it up so her mum in the end just threw all the sweets in the air and we had to catch them. I was in the perfect location for this, right in the middle and instead of trying to catch them I went straight to the floor to pick up the ones that everyone missed. I've got lots of my favourite sweets.

 We didn't end up leaving the party until about 9 o'clock. Mum dropped me home and she went back just for one more drink with her friends. It was a fantastic party. Oh, thank you very much dancing S, and happy birthday.

Here is my last YouTube if you fancy watching it.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

September Lookover

What can I say about September? Well I've been back to school and it's going okay, well more than okay. I'm doing pretty well at school, we have to do something called Manga High for Maths homework at this moment in time and I am 8th in the whole entire school, which is pretty good. Over the next week I will try and work my way up into the top five. We also do a reading scheme at school. So far I have read four books and have passed all my books. I'm going to try and keep on top of that, as
I would really like to read 20 by the time we break up for Christmas.

  I had a friend's birthday party to go to this month and also I went to a birthday party with my parents for one of my dad's friends. It was my daddy's birthday too!

At school we had a really random school trip to the local library, not entirely sure why we had this trip but we had it. And we had a Vikings banquet at school. All it was, was that we dressed up as Vikings and had a packed lunch in the School hall instead of the dining hall. We are supposedly having another Vikings day in October.

  I have been doing lots of dance practice, as I have a competition coming up in October. I think it's on the 8th in the afternoon.

That's all for September, let's get ready for October.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

I Am 9

Yes, I am nine years old, I actually turned nine about a month ago and I don't really feel much different. For my birthday we went to see Wind in the Willows at the London Palladium, my mum and dad got these tickets for my birthday so the three of us went and also my Nanny did. I absolutely loved the show, I can now say to everyone that I pooped in the Palladium (if you've seen it you know what I mean). The cast were fantastic, at the end of the show they even did a little singalong, which made it 10 times better.
After the show daddy booked a table at Frankie & Benny's which was only two doors down, I got this amazing milkshake, it was humongous and tasted lovely. At the end I had a cake brought out and everyone sang happy birthday to me. The cake had like a firework in it, mum says they are known as indoor fireworks and I have to admit I absolutely loved it. By the time we got home that night it wasn't too late but I was tired after a fun filled day.

Oh, I am nearly at 300 on YouTube so it would be great if you could pop over and subscribe.

Here is a little video of what I got for my 9th Birthday.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

August Lookover

August was full of lots of fun, as we didn't have any school, which was actually great. We went on a little holiday to Scotland, for h we spent a lot of time in the car as it was a lot of driving. Also I stayed at my cousins for a few nights as my mum had to look after my cousins and my auntie was at work. I went to Paradise Wildlife Park, had some bowling fun and had lots of mummy and daughter time making cakes and doing crafts in the house as some of the weather was not great.

  It was also my birthday and my mummy's too, it was mine first and then my mum's two days after. That's the week my dad had off work so we did quite a few things that week.

Overall I had a fantastic August, bit of a shame that we are back at school but it's only 6 weeks until our next week off.

Please check out my youtube video of when we went on a little Holiday to Scotland

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Disney Ears

I am a big fan of Disney, well my mum and I are, we are big Disney fans, and when you are a big Disney fan you end up with lots of Disney ears. At this moment we have 6 different Disney ears, some of them are from the parks and some are handmade via Etsy. I am now going to show you all of them on this blog post but make sure to check out the video below to see all of them if you want.

The first pair is the Minnie Mouse ears above, they are handmade by someone called Queen  Ursula and she has her own website. They did take a while to come but I love them, they are so shiny and on the other side is Mickey Mouse, so I can pick which one I want depending on my mood and who I have my photo taken with. They are really comfortable.

This is my favourite pair, I call them my pirate Mickey. These are handmade by someone called Merryearmarket on Etsy, they are so comfortable and really well made. These ones I will definitely be taking on my Disney trip next year.

These bright pink ones are from Disneyland Paris. I love how bright they are and all the sequins on them. I have lots of pink clothes so I can definitely find an outfit to go with them. These ears are about three years old, but are still looking good.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Story Time - Broken Wrist

 Sorry I haven't been around lately just been having some time off, I've had lots of things going on at school. I have broken my wrist and it makes it hard to write as I broke my wrist on my right, and that's the hand I write with. I have been resting it up and making sure I don't overdo it.

This post is all about when I broke my wrist.  It was on sports day. All was fine for the morning bit of sports day, they were throwing and running races, nothing that interesting. I had lunch as normal and then it was outside in the playground to do some more of the fun games.
 The first game was a beanbag race with it on your head, where you walk up and down with it on your head. That was fine but we had some time left afterwards, before we had to go on to the next game so one of the helpers in our class said now to do it backwards. And that is where it all went wrong. I got the beanbag, put it on my head, started walking backwards. That was okay until I got back to the end where my group was waiting for me. I didnt see them as I was walking backwards so I tripped over one of them, fell into the basketball post and I landed really awkwardly on my arm.
Then I pretty much screamed. I got taken straight to First Aid and had some ice put on it. Luckily my mum was there as she works there so she rang my dad and we went to hospital to get it checked out.

And of course I broke my wrist. By the time you have read this I don't have my cast on anymore but I still have to be really careful with my wrist as it's going to be weak for a bit.

It's funny as I'm the first one in my family to actually break a bone, thought it would be one of my cousins first but no, it was me.

Here is a little video that I did last year I hope you enjoy make sure watch and have fun.